TECATE, MEXICO - OCTUBRE 14: Panorámica de La Rumorosa donde se realiza rapel, Octubre 14, 2017, Tecate, México. (Foto por Gonzalo González/www.zalofoto.com)


Dare to rappel down La Rumorosa, a landscape from Mars

Surreal rock formations. Stone walls. Impregnable ravines. A day of adventure and adrenaline at La Rumorosa, climbing rocks and descending down canyons and cliffs. Magic in the landscape and emotion in the blood.


Capricious rock formations, a landscape of pink and ochre tonality. A place that doesn’t seem from this world. The most incredible adventure: dare to rappel down the stone walls of canyons and ravines, surrounded by a landscape that looks from Mars.

Facing the stone wall. Your own personal challenge at La Rumorosa, Tecate

La Rumorosa, the stretch of Sierra Juárez extending between Tecate and Mexicali, always had a reputation for being impregnable. In the past, travelers had to walk a tortuous road amongst stones, negotiate deep ravines cut in the stone and look for alternative routes not leading them towards precipices. But today we look at La Rumorosa with different eyes. The canyons, ravines and stone walls are the scenery of adventure. There are hidden caves in the rocks for exploring. The imposing stone walls go down the canyon. It's time to set up the rappelling equipment and let the adrenaline flow.

La Rumorosa is one of the most incredible places for rappelling in the state of Baja California. Let the experts guide you. You don’t need to be an avid mountaineer or an anthele. Rappelling is a safe and thrilling activity, you will get a hold of it quickly with the help of your guides.

On the top of the mountain they’ll strap you into your equipment and will explain to you the rappelling technique on stone walls. It is simple, but you have to remember you are in control (do not worry, you won’t fall down). Imagine the thrill of negotiating the rock wall of a deep ravine. First you overcome the natural fear and start the descent, slowly, down the canyon. When you are almost comfortable with the rappel technique you look down and get an incredible adrenaline rush. The best part is controlling yourself, know you are in control and continue. Once you are down, in the deepest part of the ravine, with your feet finally on the ground, you feel euphoric for what you just did, for conquering La Rumorosa, for facing your fear and taking on a challenge on yourself. Congratulations!


Traveler note:

Very near La Rumorosa you may visit the wonderful archeological site of El Vallecito, and the former barracks turned into a peculiar museum at Campo Alaska. When you come to Tecate chose between the more than 50 ranches, hotels and recreation parks. Book your accommodation now!

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