Surrounded by exquisite mountains and stone cliffs, Tecate is a picturesque town in Baja California with a country atmosphere. A place where you can rest, smell the fresh air and, above all, get back in touch with nature. 

In Tecate you can expect to encounter skilled artisans, enjoy a quiet afternoon in "Parque Miguel Hidalgo" (a local park) or sample the many cheeses, wines and pastries the town has to offer. 

Visit extraordinary places such as "El Vallecito" (where you can witness the cave paintings of Baja California), the legendary "Casa de Piedra", "Professor Park", "La Rumorosa" and "El Cerro Cuchuma" –all ideal places to photograph panoramic landscapes and take in the outdoors.

For those who prefer a more countryside feel, Tecate is an idyllic place to practice hobbies such as hiking, rappelling, trekking and mountain biking. You can also enjoy a weekend with the family at one of the towns many spas or ranches where you can also camp out or participate in their equestrian culture.

Both at the Miguel Hidalgo Park stalls, as well as the surrounding vineyards and wineries, you can sample cheeses, farmed honey, regional wines and craft beer. Be sure not to leave without trying the pan dulce (pastry breads) at one of the many local bakeries in downtown Tecate.

Come and soak up the serene atmospheres by living out the experience first-hand. Visit the magical town of Tecate to re energize and revitalize your life again.