How to get to

Modern airports and a highway security systems have put the amazing landscapes of Baja California at the world’s reach. International Airports like the one in Tijuana, the fourth most important in the country and the bridge between Latin America and Asia, or the one in Mexicali, a connection of Mexico’s most important cities, the United States and Canada, offer visitors first class air travel facilities.

The main entrance to the State is the International Airport of Tijuana, B.C., where there’s services from the main national air lines heading toward almost any spot in the country. There's also international flights. On a daily basis there’s over 120 flights, the airport has 2 runways with longitudes of 9 and 12 thousand feet, which cover different commercial and private flight necessities.

Roads and distances

On land, Baja is backed up by roads that connect the main destinations. On car or bus, the scenic road is recomendable, this road will take you from Tijuana, to Rosarito and Ensenada, this is one of the most beautiful roads in Mexico, with amazing views of the Pacific, Marinas, Viewpoints and more.



Airport Location Contact
Aeropuerto Internacional de Tijuana Carretera Internacional s/n Mesa de Otay (664) 607-8201 y (664) 607-8200

Another nearby important airport for Baja is the Lindebergh Field airport, located in San Diego, California, only 30 minutes north of Tijuana. it offers 14 air lanes that operate 250 daily flights to the most important destinations in the US, as well as international connections. Another important nearby airport es the Brown Field airport, located only 4 minutes from the international border in San Diego, California, this is mostly for private flights and commercial flights.