Know what the hotels and ranches of Tecate are preparing to receive you safely

Since you have Tecate, the magical town in your travel plans, check out the key points to consider when choosing a hotel and making your reservation.


Like many other businesses dedicated to hospitality, the hotels and ranches of Tecate have been preparing with all the recommendations and sanitary protocols to reopen safely for you.

Sanitary filter

At the entrance of your hotel there will be a sanitizing mat, antibacterial gel and infrared temperature control. Hotel employees will also go through a special filter before entering and before leaving the facilities.

Social distancing

In the reception and other common areas there will be visible signs to maintain a minimum of 1.5 meters of social distancing with other guests and hotel staff.

Antibacterial disinfectant

There will be antibacterial gel dispensers at entrances and contact areas, such as reception, lobbies, lounges, elevator, exercise areas, pool, etc.

Automatic doors or with host

If possible, the doors will be kept open, operated automatically or by a receptionist to avoid contact with the handles.

There will be no valet

Unless the guest demands or needs it, the hotel staff will avoid opening or driving the private vehicle. If they do, they must take all the necessary care.

Buttons and room service

The bellboy and room service personnel will wear protective gloves, as well as face masks. The cleaning staff will also use a hair protector. Service carts will be disinfected after each use.

Use of face masks in common areas

The hotel will post instructions on the correct use of the mask and will encourage guests to use it in common areas. You can also be offered masks for free or for sale.

Clean the counter

The counter will be disinfected every hour. Only the travel group will go up according to the established limit and the necessary social distance. The bellboy will travel separately with the luggage. Recommendations will be posted and the use of stairs will be promoted. Everyone must wear a mask inside the lift.


Cleaning will be increased especially in high contact areas such as handles, controls, pulls, supports, etc. The disinfectant products recommended by the authority will be used.