A stroll on the fascinating history of the Magical Town of Tecate

You are probably not familiar with the peculiar history of Tecate, the first Magical Town of Baja California. Although at first sight it may look like a nondescript town, when you learn about its history you will understand its singularity. Tecate is a border town but it doesn´t look it. Tecate could be city but maintains the placid spirit and slow rythm of the village. Tecate offers magnificent landscapes, good climate and great opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, but it is neither mountain, desert of forest proper. It is, simply, Tecate, a Magical Town worth discovering.

From the acorn trees to the ranches to the beer plant

Tecate has been inhabited by Kumiai nomadic peoples since time immemorial. Today’s Tecate grew under the Cuchuma hill, the Kumiai magic mountain, a sacred place of rounded rocks and connection to the Universe. The first settlers left their mark nearby, at the El Vallecito archeological site, where you will find the famous Diablito (Little Devil). Then came missions, ranchs and the border, but Tecate continued to be a slow place where views extend over the horizon.

En the early 1900s the beer factory arrive, bringing along the railroad, progress and finally the village as we know it was born. And the place named “acorn tree” by the Kumiai was internationally known thanks to the beer. A tour of the interesting Museo Comunitario takes us to these three key moments of the Magical Town of Tecate: the Kumiai culture, the years of the ranches, and the railroad and the beer factory.
The beer factory was the origin of the modern Tecate and stands right downtown, very near the main square. Call to find out tour hours and plan your visit. You will be surprised at the sheer size of the factory and the extraordinary production. When you finish your tour you may taste some of their beers at the Jardín Cerveza before continuing on your stroll through the most emblematic places of the Magical Town of Tecate. Now cross the Miguel Hidalgo park and turn left to find the flagship bakery of the village: El Mejor Pan de Tecate, the perfect spot to take a break with a cup of coffee and some sweet temptation. If you arrive on a weekend don´t miss the Bazar Artesanal Cerro Azul, a crafts bazaar specialized in ceramics, very popular in this Magical Town.

The magic of Tecate beyond the town

If you want to learn more about the history of the Magical Town of Tecate and would like to explore the surroundings you cannot miss a rare museum: Campo Alaska, formerly military barracks in the middle of nowhere housing a photographic exhibit about the site and temporary exhibits as well. The Magical Town of Tecate is the heart of a natural area with many leisure options: horse riding, camping, cabins at ranchs and haciendas, adventure activities… plus it is the North gate to the Wine Route of Baja California. Stay for a few days and enjoy this magical corner of Baja California!


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