On your trip to Tecate you can’t miss out on the opportunity to visit the cave paintings at the archeological area known as El Vallecito. Here you’ll observe geometric, animal and anthropomorphic figures.

In one of the sites you’ll run into El Diablito (Observer of the sun), a figure of a man with a horn sketch over his head, which symbols the winter solstice each 21st or 22nd of December. That day the sunlight enters the cave, illuminating the eyes of the figure. It’s an incredible spectacle!

At the park, you'll find pathways to the different cave paintings.




Its Yumano name means “old warrior”. An elevation of 1,520 meters makes it one of the highest points, extending between the limits of Mexico and the United States. Here the Kumiai carry out devotion rituals to the mountain spirits.




You’ll find this park in the downtown, it’s the traditional visit in the city, where you can see the monumental letters, kiosk, coffee shops and more. Enjoy the "old town" charm while you savor a homemade ice cream and experience an afternoon surrounded by musicians playing traditional music.




Located on one of the highest points of Tecate, it’s a place where you can appreciate nature. There’s a 13 acre recreation center, where many important events are carried out throughout the year. Discover the caves that project its history or listen to stories about the place.




It’s inevitable to think that this is one of the reasons to visit Baja, its towering rocks and roads that connect toward Mexicali make it a fascinating spectacle. We recommend stopping at the viewpoint and taking a picture from up high. You can also admire the cave paintings at the archeological site, El Vallecito.




Discover why it was called “Pueblo Magico” through its museums, gastronomy, traditions, history and sacred Cuchuma mountain, where there’s healing ceremonies and encounters with other communities.


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